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ingrid.morgan at mail.mcgill.ca ingrid.morgan at mail.mcgill.ca
Tue Jan 13 12:19:11 EST 2004

Dear All,

I am a recently graduated M.Sc. student from McGill University, Montreal,
Canada. I am currently seeking short-term employment (4-6 months). 

For my Master’s thesis, I studied coral reef fish ecology and my undergraduate
and graduate course-work focused on aquatic conservation. My field experience
is extensive. I worked as a field assistant in a Beech-Maple forest, I
conducted an independent study on fish competition in Barbados, I participated
in a semester long program in Panama and I spent 8 months in Barbados
collecting data for my Master’s thesis (accomplishing over 200 dives). I have
also been involved in scientific education initiatives in Panama and have
taught undergraduate level biology students. I am comfortable with statistics,
a wide range of computer programs and have a working knowledge of ArcView 3.2a.
I am fully bilingual in French and English and am competent in Spanish (spoken/
reading). I would be available as of January and I am willing to travel.

If you know of any opportunities (or have one for me), please contact me and I
can send you my full C.V.

Thank you very much for your time,

Ingrid Morgan

ingrid.morgan at mail.mcgill.ca

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