[Coral-List] postdoc opportunity: marine GIS modeling in support of MPA research

Dan Brumbaugh brumba at amnh.org
Wed Jan 14 12:33:10 EST 2004

   Apologies  for  cross-postings.   Please  feel  free to forward to any
   possible candidates.  Questions and applications should be directed to
   Ned Horning <horning at amnh.org>.  Thanks.

   DRAFT - anticipated vacancy
   MARINE GIS MODELER Post-Doc/Consultant
   The   American   Museum   of   Natural  History's  (AMNH)  Center  for
   Biodiversity  and  Conservation (CBC) seeks a person with training and
   knowledge of the application of remote sensing, Geographic Information
   Systems,  and  GIS  modeling  for  habitat modeling in tropical marine
   environments.   The  Modeler will be expected to assist in development
   and  implementation  of  habitat models with staff from the Center for
   Biodiversity and Conservation and collaborators at other institutions.
   Candidates  must  have a Ph.D. degree with a strong grounding in model
   development,  marine  environmental  science, and experience in remote
   sensing  and  GIS.  The ideal candidate would have a strong background
   in  species  distribution  modeling  as  well  as  field experience in
   tropical  coastal  and other marine environments.  The individual must
   work  well  independently and collaboratively, and have strong writing
   and  communication  skills,  including  the  ability to explain remote
   sensing and GIS to conservation practitioners and the public.
   Responsibilities and Duties

   The  position's  primary task will entail working with the GIS Program
   Manager,  Marine  Program  Manager  (and Principle Investigator of the
   Bahamas    Biocomplexity    Project   [BBP];   see   brief   overview:
   BBP  collaborators,  and  CBC  Director to develop and utilize habitat
   models  that support further studies on the design of marine protected
   areas (MPAs) and MPA networks.  Model development will involve the use
   of  the  best  available  biophysical datasets for the entire Bahamian
   archipelago   as   well  as  the  generation  of  additional  datasets
   (especially from satellite imagery) where needed.  One of the specific
   goals of this work is to be able to predict important nursery habitats
   for certain fish and invertebrate species of interest.
   Responsibilities   will  include  data  management,  data  processing,
   modeling, and visualization (raster, vector, and tabular).
   Although  the position may initially be offered as a short-term (i.e.,
   less  than a year) contract, arrangements for full-time postdoc status
   (probably 1-2 years) are pending.
   Electronic   applications,   including  current  curriculum  vitae,  a
   narrative statement of program interests, and full contact information
   for three references should be sent to:
   Ned Horning
   Remote Sensing/GIS Program Manager

   horning at amnh.org
   American Museum of Natural History
   Center for Biodiversity and Conservation
   Central Park West at 79th Street
   New York, N.Y. 10024

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