[Coral-List] Request for Educational Materials

Cheryl Chen intern at coral.org
Thu Jan 15 17:56:15 EST 2004

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to you on behalf of The Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) to request
entries of any educational or outreach materials that you use to promote
coral reef conservation. These materials will be used to advance public
awareness through an effort know as the International Coral Reef Information
Network (ICRIN), the communications arm of the International Coral Reef
Action Network (ICRAN).
Within ICRIN is our Education & Outreach Materials Library
(http://fmp.coralreef.org/library/home.htm), which is an online catalog of
coral reef awareness tools and publications. Through the library, coral reef
conservationists looking for education and outreach materials can quickly
find information on available publications and how to obtain them.

The Library has been built by organizations around the world that have
generously contributed their materials to help others raise awareness of the
need to protect coral reefs. Your participation, by adding your new
materials into our database, will promote your materials to people worldwide
while also assisting CORAL in our continuous effort to update and maintain a
comprehensive library.

What to do:

1) You may personally enter in any materials (brochures, fact sheets,
worksheets, information packets, videos, newsletters, web-based material,
posters, etc.) into our library by using our online entry form at:


2) You may send any materials to our office and we will review and enter the
materials into our library for you.  Please send materials to:

ICRIN Library
c/o The Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL)
417 Montgomery Street
Suite 205
San Francisco, CA 94104

Feel free to contact us at icrin at coral.org or 415-834-0900 ext.306 if you
have any questions.

Thank you for your time,

Cheryl Chen
Program Intern

The Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL)
Phone: 415-834-0900
Fax: 415-834-0999
Email: intern at coral.org
Web site:  http://www.coral.org

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