[Coral-List] Dynamite Fishing Query

Alexander Stone a_stone at reefkeeper.org
Thu Jan 15 13:50:51 EST 2004

Hello, All...

I would appreciate any info on the current status of dynamite fishing in
Burma and/or Tanzania-Mozambique.

I understand that, although Tanzania enacted laws against dynamite
fishing some 4 or 5 years ago, that the practice is either resurging in
Tanzania and/or being inflicted on neighboring Mozambique reefs by
Tanzanian fishers.

I also understand (anecdotally) that dynamite fishing in Burma is out of
control, with governmental apathy towards the practice.

Any information you may have on either of those 2 assumptions, or any
contact info you can provide on researchers or groups that are involved
locally studying or trying to curb the practice would be greatly

Many thanks,

Alexander Stone
ReefGuardian International

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