[Coral-List] MAA's standards

Juan Torres jltorres38 at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 22 07:52:23 EST 2004

Dear all,
I am a Ph.D. student working on the effects of UV radiation on Caribbean 
shallow-water corals. As part of the study I am doing HPLC analysis of the 
different photosynthetic and photoprotective pigments. Eventhough I have a 
very good idea of the different MAA's found in my samples, I do not have any 
standards to corroborate the identity of them. I would like to know if there 
is anyone who has worked before with this type of pigments and have some 
standards that can either facilitate of sell?

Juan L. Torres
Univ. of Puerto Rico
Dept. Marine Sciences
PO Box 3210
Lajas, PR 00667 USA

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