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   Re:  previous announcement at:
        The  PDF file of the workshop/think tank entitled "The Effects of
   Combined   Sea   Temperature,  Light,  and  Carbon  Dioxide  on  Coral
   Bleaching,  Settlement,  and  Growth,"  held  at  the Caribbean Marine
   Research Center (CMRC) on Lee Stocking Island, Bahamas, January 20-24,
   2003, is now available at:
   The  layout of the PDF is designed to be printed double-sided so as to
   accommodate  the  hard  copy  print  format.   For  those  of  you who
   requested  hard  copies, they will not be available until some time in
   February;  I'll send them to you at that time.  Also, I will have some
   available at session 2-12 of the 10th ICRS.
        At the link noted above, you can download the entire document, as
   well  as  click  each author's name and title to view the PDF files of
   their  PowerPoint  presentations.  The chapters corresponding to those
   presentations are in the main document.
        The  Conclusions chapter is listed at the bottom of the page (and
   the end of the document) and is a summary of all the presentations.
       Thank you for your interest and patience.
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