[Coral-List] Request for guidance locating Caribbean sponge species in Grenada

Clare Morrall CMorrall at sgu.edu
Thu Jan 22 15:30:24 EST 2004

Greetings from Grenada!
I  am Yuji Ise, a Ph. D candidate from the University of Tokyo currently on
a short research trip to Grenada in the Caribbean. I need to collect the
following species of sponges: Spheciospongia  vesparia (the common
Loggerhead sponge), Cliona (Anthosigmella) varians (Variable sponge), and
Cervicornia cuspidifera. I have conducted a number of dives at depths
ranging from 8m to 30m off the west coast of the island (offshore of the
Grand Anse beach). I have not yet encountered any of the species I need.
Has anyone got any idea what type of the habitat, depth and substrate type
I am likely to find these species at? Potential dive/snorkel areas range
from high current rocky substrate sites off the south coast of the island,
to sheltered sandy lagoons.
I would be hugely grateful if anyone has any advice on the likely
whereabouts of these species. I will be in Grenada until January 29th.
Please contact me c/o Dr Clare Morrall at St. George’s University, Grenada
email: cmorrall at sgu.edu, telephone: 473 444 4175 ext. 2360, fax: 473 439

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