[Coral-List] Dynamite Fishing Query + Long Liners in Mozambique

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Hello Alexander,

I was in Mozambique in September after the World Parks Congress and heard
from local people that dynamite fishing is taking place, from what I heard
especially north of Beira up to the border to Tanzania. I would believe that
WWF Mozambique has some information on that since in their "coral section"
they also deal with turtles and manatees.

There is another thing, and maybe you have an idea how to continue from
I talked to South African people who invested in a campsite in front a
beautiful and still intact coral reef south of Inhambane which is visited by
snorkelers and divers. They told me that they have immense problems with
Chinese tankers which use the method of long-line fishing. They seem to fish
out immense amounts of mantas, reys, dolphins, and more. And obviously they
don't stick to any regulations concerning how close to come to the coast.
When I slept there, as soon as it got dark, you could see the ships lying
near the coast. They always come in at night, and in the morning they are
gone, but often leave their lines for 3 days. The local people try with
their own initiative to cut through the lines, but I guess most of the time
the species are already dead.
>From what I heard it looks like the Mozambique government received
infrastructure equipment from the Chinese government and vis-versa they gave
out concessions. I am not firm on international marine law, but if that is
the case, I would guess this is illegal action and that there must be some
possibility to stop that. I know there is a sea control point at Bazaruto
Archipelago, but they have to cover an area that is simply impossible. This
place south of Inhambane itself is around 300km south of Bazaruto. When you
inform the sea police the Chinese ships are gone for long.


Gaby Hoebart

Tropical Ecology Support Programm
email: toeb at gtz.de

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> Hello, All...
> I would appreciate any info on the current status of dynamite fishing in
> Burma and/or Tanzania-Mozambique.
> I understand that, although Tanzania enacted laws against dynamite
> fishing some 4 or 5 years ago, that the practice is either resurging in
> Tanzania and/or being inflicted on neighboring Mozambique reefs by
> Tanzanian fishers.
> I also understand (anecdotally) that dynamite fishing in Burma is out of
> control, with governmental apathy towards the practice.
> Any information you may have on either of those 2 assumptions, or any
> contact info you can provide on researchers or groups that are involved
> locally studying or trying to curb the practice would be greatly
> appreciated.
> Many thanks,
> Alexander Stone
> ReefGuardian International
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