[Coral-List] not corals, but brachiopods

B.L.Cohen b.l.cohen at bio.gla.ac.uk
Mon Jan 26 11:40:02 EST 2004

Dear Coral-list members,

Enquiring about possible brachiopod collections in the Red Sea, it was
suggested that I post to this group, so here goes.

As a leading brachiopod molecular systematist (perhaps _the_ leading one,
as there are few of us!) I am interested in ethanol-preserved brachiopod
collections from all parts of the world, both coral-associated (e.g.
thecideidines, possibly craniids) and benthic brachs of all sorts, free and

The Red Sea and Indian Oceans are particularly blank spots on my
specimen-list map, but this is really a wide, general appeal for
brachiopods (in 95% ethanol) whenever and wherever they appear.

If anyone wishes to see papers published in this field just e-mail me and
I'll send some pdf's.

Thanks in advance!

Bernie Cohen

Dr B. L. Cohen
Molecular Genetics
University of Glasgow,
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Scotland, UK.

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