[Coral-List] Coral transplant, farming and restoration

CORALations corals at prtc.net
Tue Jan 27 19:41:23 EST 2004

Dear Coral-Listers:

CORALations is in the process of creating a bi-lingual field manual describing non-technical coral fragment 
planting and fragment stabilization and grow out methods for use by non-scientists in the Caribbean.  
The techniques will be limited to the three Caribbean Acroporids and Porites porites. 
The premise is that the broken fragment would otherwise suffer greater mortality without the intervention. 
The scope is further focused by limiting the reasons for intervention to impacts resulting from fin, 
small craft groundings, anchor and storm damage. 

If we have not already contacted you, and you have a non-technical method you wish to be featured,
please respond to corals at prtc.net.

We would also like to provide a list of contact information to include a one paragraph description for 
technical reef restoration methodologies. In this way, non-technical public would be able 
to access professionals to discuss restoration for more dramatic impact.  

If you have a technical restoration method you would like featured in the manual, 
and we have not already contacted you...please take a moment now to send the following: 
-Method name
-Your name, and/or company name and contact Information
-A one paragraph description of the method including types of impact it addresses or other restoration goals.(100 words more or less) 
Any questions please call. If you want to participate but cannot respond this week...please notify us so we can leave space open.
Thanks in advance.

                       Conservar Cuidar Educar  
                        Mary Ann Lucking
                        Director  CORALations
                        P.O. Box 750
                        Culebra, PR 00775  
                        corals at prtc.net
                        www.coralations.org  tel: 
                              fax:  787-742-0068

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