[Coral-List] parasites on pavona cactus/pictures

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Thu Jul 1 09:17:05 EDT 2004

Dear coral listers,
it has been some time since I posted a request for information regarding a parasite I observed feeding on fragments of Pavona cactus during the field work for my masters thesis on Sambangan island, North Java, Indonesia. According to Raphael Witson-Williams, they belong either to the genus Phestilla or Cuthona. Thanks to everyone who took their time and replied to me. I was finally able to take some pictures of specimen preserved in formalin under a dissecting microscope. Anyone interested is welcome to take a look at these: http://www-user.zmt.uni-bremen.de/~isatec/pix_sebastian. Again, if anyone has seen these before or has an idea of what they might be, please let me know.

Thanks, Sebastian

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