[Coral-List] Zooxanthellae DNA isolation from cells in culture

John P Carlin j.p.carlin at reading.ac.uk
Fri Jul 2 07:56:13 EDT 2004


I have Zooxanthellae cells (Symbiodinium microadriaticum) in culture (f/2
Trace Metal Solution, CCMP) and I would like to know if anybody has a
reliable and simple protocol to extract the genomic DNA for clade
identification and further PCR reactions.

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

John Carlin
University of Reading
Email - j.p.carlin at rdg.ac.uk

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  I am doing research on inorganic carbon limitation in hard corals. Part of
my research includes dosing with sodium bicarbonate to artificially increase
inorganic carbon in a closed system. However, my advisor and I are concerned
that large doses of sodium bicarbonate will upset the ionic balance of the
water. Does anyone out there have a strong chemistry background who might
know something about how this will affect my water ionically? I intend to
increase the alkalinity to 6 meq/L or ppm. Thanks, Craig Zievis University
of Maine


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