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Sun Jul 4 12:06:24 EDT 2004


You may want to consider using an easy-to-culture stony coral that 
demonstrates rapid growth in aquaria like Montipora digitata.  Many cheap or free 
sources of this easy-to-grow and propagate-by-fragmentation coral are available in 
the aquarium hobby (often considered a "weed" coral).  These will ship well 
when properly packaged and sent via overnight or airport-to-airport shipping.  
Email me directly if you need more info.

If you need a repeatable bleaching trigger for your evaluation, most captive 
corals will bleach within a few days if the ambient water temp stays above 85 
to 88 degrees F with all other water column parameters being constant.

As for the -HCO3 issue, you may want to check the article by TA 
MacConnahaughy around 97 in Earth Sciences Review, title is something like "Calcification 
generates protons for nutrient capture."  The article deals with a multitude of 
mechanisms for calcification as a means of capturing inorganic carbon rather 
than being solely a protective or structural development in terms of evolution 
of corals in an oligotropic niche.  I prolly have a copy of the article here 
if finding it is a problem, but most decent univ. libraries will have copies 
of ESR.

hth,  Tom Wyatt

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martin-pecheux at wanadoo.fr writes:

> Currently, we are in
> >need of suggestions about what type of coral would be
> >best to use for such an experiment and especially ways
> >that we could obtain specimen cheaply or organizations
> >that might be willing to contribute small funds to aid
> >in our project since acquiring captive corals can be
> >very expensive. If you think you could help, or would
> >like any more information about our project, I can be
> >contacted at kevan_christensen at yahoo.com. Thanks.
> >
> >Kevan Christensen

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