[Coral-List] questions about a formation in marine biology...

isabelj at bluemail.ch isabelj at bluemail.ch
Fri Jul 9 09:18:56 EDT 2004


My name is Isabel Jimenez and i need help to start in the field of oceanography-marine
biology! I have just finished graduate studies in Physics and i currently
live in Switzerland. now i want to do oceanography, more precisely re-orient
towards marine biology, and i would love to study coral reefs. of course
i cannot do that in switzerland so i am looking for institutes around the
world to start a phD or masters in marine biology. I don't know anyone around
here who i can talk to directly so i have been surfing the web, where i found
the Coral List server. 

Can anyone help me out with a few tips, people to talk to, best places to
go, or names of institutes??

I hope you will find a few minutes for me, and i thank you very much in advance
for your time and help!


Isabel Jimenez

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