[Coral-List] Anchor damage to reefs

David Garner davidgarner23 at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 16 03:49:03 EDT 2004

Dear Listeners,
I work in the Maldives as a marine biologist & Dive master. On a nearby dive site (Gamadhoo, North Male Atoll) i regularly see surfing live aboard boats anchored on the reef, today I saw 2 anchors whilst diving at a depth of 12m.
I would like information regarding damage to coral reefs from anchors, especially useful would be reports, papers, pictures etc which I can download or can be emailed to me as I have no access to any journals.  Information on solutions adopted from other locations, such as cost, types of mooring buoys, who pays for instalment & maintenance etc would be useful. 
 I would like to conduct some kind of study in to this problem, any helpful tips on how to best go about this from people with experience would be warmly welcomed. 
 If anyone is interested in collaborating on a study can you also contact me.
David Garner

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