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Eva-Maria Zetsche evamariaz at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 16 05:47:45 EDT 2004

Dear coral-listers,

I was working on aspects of algal production in coral
reefs on Turneffe Islands Atoll, Belize and I mostly
restricted work to biomass measurements. However, I
also tried compiling a list of species growing on my
settlement plates as additional information. Since I
am no algal taxonomist, I would be most grateful for
any help on the identification of a few samples shown
in the pictures (sorry for their bad quality but it
was the best I could do having to improvise).

This the link to the parent directory and below I will
specify the pictures to look at.

The following two pictures show what I first thought
to be Corynomorpha clavata, however this species is
apparently not to be found in the Western Caribbean
(Littler and Littler 2000). The colours have leached
from the samples (too long (improper) storage, etc.),
however they were always brown when sampling
originally and usually came as a branched pair. Or
maybe these are just the beginnings of Laurencia sp.??

Corynomorpha or Laurencia beginnings.JPG 
Corynomorpha or Laurencia beginnings2.JPG

The following algae (see link) I presume to be a
member of a Ceramium sp. Is this correct?

ceramium sp.jpg 

Also, in this picture (unfortunately out of focus) you
can see a member of Ceramium sp. (?) with another
distinct algae (unfortunately again the colour
leaked). Is this other algae, also still turf? Since
it is definitely of a very different size??


And finally, the following link is something I called
'fuzzball' for now and I am quite unsure of what this
actually is?? 


Thank you very much for any help,
best regards,
Eva-Maria Zetsche

M.Sc. Student 
International Studies in Aquatic Tropical Ecology
University of Bremen, Germany

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