[Coral-List] Looking For A little Help From A Friend

peter briant peter-solutions at lycos.com
Wed Jul 28 05:34:15 EDT 2004

Looking for a little help from a friend
I was recently solicited by an Indonesian to help create a strategy to save a coastal area (coral reefs) in Sumatra, Indonesia. The person had recently returned troubled to Jakarta from his village where he had found some outsiders had accessed the coastal waters of his village to catch ornamental fish using cyanide on the reefs. Although knowing very little about the ornamental fish industry, he had the intellect to understand that using the cyanide would affect the reefs and knew he had to do something quickly to stop it. Knowing I have helped the underprivileged in the past, he approached me to ask if I could put together a means whereby he could start a training program for his village to learn how to catch the fish without destroying the environment and rid the area of people with destructive behavior.
I have spent the last month on the Internet, downloading and studying everything I could find on ornamental fish, coral reefs, and seaweed, and have developed a preliminary plan to alleviate the problem and save the area. This plan illustrates the area to have outstanding earnings achievability however, the people are without funds to develop such a project -- Consequently, this letter is to enlighten everyone to the situation and seek help in seeking funding for such a project.
I now committed to this project, as the community seems to demonstrate a clear vision and passion for stand by a plan that would deliver advantageous results to their community and the environment. Consequently, I am trying to locate where I could apply for funding support to enable development of a more in-depth proposal and for achievement of the project. The funds are critically needed to launch this sorely needed environmental program.
I hope I have motivated some interest in the project with the above outline and the opportunities it presents to all and hope someone out there can guide me in the right direction.
I thank you for you the time you have taken to read this solicitation and hope that this letter.
Peter Briant
peter-alliance at lycos.com

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