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Bill Leggat bleggat at marine.uq.edu.au
Fri Jul 30 00:15:49 EDT 2004

JCU/UQ Postgraduate scholarships:  Opportunity for talented postgraduate
students to work on climate change and coral reefs.

Talented biology students are being sought for a project that will identify
the key steps in stress on coral reefs.  We are seeking 3 PhD students to
join a large Australian research team studying the effects of global climate
change on the Great Barrier Reef. The project is currently funded by the
Australian Research Council and is centred on identifying molecular markers
in corals and their symbiotic algae that are indicative of stress or
adaptation to changing environmental conditions.  It also links directly
into a global World Bank project with satellite sites in East Africa, the
Philippines and Mexico.  Students should have a 1st class Honours degree
with experience in molecular and/or biochemical techniques, and an interest
in marine science. The studentships will be based at either JCU (Prof David
Yellowlees) or UQ (Prof Ove Hoegh-Guldberg) and will involve a joint
supervisory team from both campuses.  Students will be required to work for
short periods on the Great Barrier Reef and/or global satellite sites as
appropriate.   Studentships involve a top-up to scholarships ($5000) over
stipend received by students.  Successful candidates will also receive
support for all of their research expenses associated with the Project.
Students must be Australian residents and are expected to apply for an
Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) at either JCU or UQ.  Interested
applicants should send a curriculum vitae and a one page expression of
interest detailing their experience and interests.  Most importantly,
applicants should include a reference from someone familiar with their
research and progress during Honours.  Applications should be sent to Dr
William Leggat (senior research fellow, UQ) electronically via the email
address:  <mailto:b.leggat at marine.uq.edu.au> b.leggat at marine.uq.edu.au by
the closing date (September 12th, 2004).


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