[Coral-List] HadISST 1.1 data: Bleaching is not due to Warming

Patti Nicoll pnicoll at smhall.org
Wed Jun 2 12:47:52 EDT 2004

I am by no means qualified to get too in depth in this strand, but could not the SST anomalies indicate higher ability to dissolve CO2 and therefore indicate potential bleaching due to this theory?


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Dear Martin,

The only problem is that one can use, very successfully, satellite
measurements of SST anomalies and predict mass coral bleaching by as much as
days and even weeks in advance.  Also - how many major bleaching events have
occurred without an associated SST anomaly?  Not many, it seems.  These
things need explanation.  

"Facts are facts" except yours are unreviewed and unsubstantiated. Why not
use the age-old method and submit your manuscript to proper peer-review?   



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