[Coral-List] HadISST 1.1 data: Bleaching is not due to Warming

Derek Manzello derek.manzello at noaa.gov
Wed Jun 2 15:30:24 EDT 2004

FYI...CO2 becomes more soluble in seawater as the water becomes colder,
not warmer.  As SSTs increase the saturation state of
aragonite (form of calcium carbonate secreted by corals) will likewise
increase, although the temperature affects will likely be
negligible in comparison to the chemical.  For clarification see  figure
1 in the American Zoologist paper by Gattuso et al. 1999. (cited below).

These results seem a little questionable given that in several lab
studies done by J-P Gattuso et al.,  Langdon et al. and Marubini et
al. (See a few of the studies I have posted below) a doubling of
atmospheric CO2 was mimicked  over short temporal scales (max 2 months,
rather than many
decades) and no bleaching was reported.

Derek Manzello

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Marubini F, Barnett H, Langdon C, Atkinson MJ (2001) Dependence of
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