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 Dear Marah,
The only information I can provide about sponge cover is from my paper;
Alcolado, P.M. 1993. Estructura ecológica de las comunidades de esponjas del
arrecife de Rincón de Guanabo, Cuba. Reporte de Investigación del Instituto
de Oceanología, 10: 1-16 p.

The information is the following:
Rincón de Guanabo is west of Havana City (23º10'30''N, 82º0.5'48''W).
Sampling date: January-March 1985.
Method: modified line transect (sucesively using one side (scaled in cm and
dm) of a 1 square meter quadrat).

Station 1. Reef Lagoon (rocky patches). Cover = 6.6%. Dominated by
Chondrilla nucula.
Station 2. Rear Zone. Cover = 76.8%. Dominated by Ectyoplasia ferox and
Spirastrella coccinea.
Station 3. Surf (A. palmata) Zone. Cover = 8.8%. Dominated by Cliona aprica
(followed well behind by Spirastrella coccinea and Clathria virgultosa
Station 4. Fore Reef, 5 m deep (rock pavement with gorgonians). Cover =
3.3%. Dominated by Tectitethya crypta and Spheciospongia vesparia.
Station 5. Fore Reef, 10 m deep. Cover = 4.3%. Dominated by Tectitethya
crypta, Scopalina ruetzleri and Spheciospongia vesparia.
Station 6. Fore Reef (shallow reef scarpment), 11-15 m deep. Cover = 41.0%.
Dominated by Iotrochota birotulata, Mycale laevis, Niphates amorpha,
Scoplaina ruetzleri and Ectyoplasia ferox.
Station 7. Patch reefs on the Fore Reef Slope (rocky-sandy bottom with patch
reefs). Cover = 40.8%. Dominated by Iotrochota birotulata, Ectyoplasia
ferox, Phoriospongia? rubra, Amphimedon compressa..

In the paper the abundances of species are referred to numerical %, not to
cover. Cover is referred to sponges as a whole. So, the information about
the dominant species given here were obtained looking at my field notes.

Best wishes,

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Dear coral listers,

I have two questions that I hope somebody can help me with.
1) I am looking for a rough (even a range) estimate of the percent cover
of reef area by sponges (all types) and perhaps even a biomass estimate
for the amount of sponges per reef area.

2) I am also looking for information on the range of hawksbill and/or
green turtles in terms of their foraging areas (what areas they tend to
cover except for migrations to nesting beaches). I know this is not
directly coral related, but perhaps somebody could steer me in the right

Thank you for your time.
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