[Coral-List] Bioerosion in the Red Sea

E.S.Morris ospe16 at bangor.ac.uk
Mon Jun 7 04:50:41 EDT 2004

Dear Listers,

I am currently undertaking my masters thesis research on bioerosion in 
the Red Sea (Hurghada).  I have been trying to locate the following 

Mokady, O; Lazar, B & Loya, Y. (1996).  Echinoid Bioerosion as a major 
structuring force of the Red Sea.  Biological Bulletin (Mar. Biol. Lab. 
Woods Hole) 190 (3): 367-372.

Mokady, O; Klein, R & Loya, Y (1993). Bioerosion in fossil and 
contemporary corals: Similarity, dissimilarity and paleoecological 
significance.  Israel Journal of Zoology 39(1); 69-70

I am also interested in finding any existing fisheries data in the area 
but am finding it difficult to come by.

I would be very grateful if anyone could send me an electronic copy of 
these journals and for any other feedback.

Many thanks,
Liz Morris

E.S.Morris         ospe16 at bangor.ac.uk
School of Ocean Sciences,
University of Wales, Bangor
Menai Bridge,
Askew Street,
LL59 5EP

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