[Coral-List] Coral interaction paper sought

D.J.Smith ospe4e at bangor.ac.uk
Tue Jun 8 09:09:51 EDT 2004

Dear Coral lister

Request for Papers/Information on Coral Intereaction/'Aggression'

I am about to being an investigation on coral interactions/'aggression'in
the Red Sea, at Hurghada on 14 June. I have been unable to obtain a copy 
paper that would be very relevent to my work: 

Abelson, A; Loya, Y, 1999. Interspecific Aggression among stony corals in
Eilat, Red Sea: A hierarchy of aggression  ability and related parameters.
Bulletin of Marine Science, vol 65, no3, pp 851 - 860. 


Van Veghel, MLJ; Cleary, DFR; Bak, RPM. 1996. Interspecific interactions
and competitive ability of the polymorphic reef-building coral, Montastrea
annularis. Bulletin of Marine Science, vol 58, no 3 792 - 803. 

I would be very grateful if a member of coral list has an electronic copy
of these papers they could forward to me, Duncan Smith, e mail:
ospe4e at bangor.ac.uk

Many thanks

Duncan Smith

D.J.Smith         ospe4e at bangor.ac.uk

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