[Coral-List] Position Announcement - Resident Lecturer in Tropical Marine Ecology

Dave Wilson dwilson at fieldstudies.org
Mon Jun 14 08:55:22 EDT 2004

Resident Lecturer in Tropical Marine Ecology


The School for Field Studies is seeking to fill the position of Resident
Lecturer in Tropical Marine Ecology at our Center for Marine Resource
Studies, South Caicos, Turks and Caicos Islands, British West Indies.  


Job Summary:

The core functions of this residential field position are to:

*	Teach critical, local environmental issues based on a
challenging, problem-based interdisciplinary curriculum.  The specific
area of course responsibility is
Tropical Marine Ecology.
*	Lead designated components of the Center's Five-Year Research
Plan and as part of this, oversee and advise the student directed
research projects that relate to these research lines.


Course Overview:  The Tropical Marine Ecology course examines the
interactions of living and non living components of tropical marine
environments and how these shape/form different ecosystems.  This course
focuses mainly on the marine environment from the intertidal areas of
South Caicos to its shelf edge, but will have some coastal zone ecology
and planning in respect of tourism development.  Basic ecological
principles will be used to explain the interdependencies of species,
populations, communities and ecosystems.  Emphasis will be placed on the
nutrient flow and energy cycles within and between ecosystems with
references to the potential consequences of human alterations of the
environment.  Today's problems surrounding marine resource exploitation
will be addressed by looking at the limiting factors of biological
productivity.  The impacts of onshore tourism development on the coastal
and reef environments, and on exploited marine resources, will also form
part of the teaching and research agendas.  The successful candidate
will provide high quality, modern and experiential teaching in critical
environmental issues in an interdisciplinary curriculum and participate
fully in the implementation of the Center's multi-year research plan
that addresses these issues.  The publication of research results is
critical.  The Tropical Marine Ecology faculty will work closely with
our Tropical Marine Resource Management, and Environmental Policy and
Socio-Economics faculty to deliver an inter-disciplinary program.


Minimum Qualifications:

*	Ph.D. and University-level teaching experience (minimum two
years) in Tropical Marine Ecology, Tropical Fisheries, Reef Fish
Ecology, Conservation Biology, Coral Reef Ecology or related field.
*	Extensive field research experience, preferably in the fields of
Queen Conch/Spiny Lobster/Bonefish Ecology, Tropical Coastal Zone
Ecology, Marine Protected Areas, Coral Reef Monitoring and/or Marine
Policy Formulation.
*	Demonstrated ability to work as part of an interdisciplinary
teaching and research team. 
*	Good track record of research publications. 
*	Proven track record of grant writing success. 
*	Certified SCUBA diver, Divemaster highly preferred. 
*	Extensive small boat handling experience. 
*	Current first aid certification.


Start Date: August 16th, 2004 or January 1st, 2005


For a complete job description please visit our website:


David T. Wilson Ph.D.

Center Director

SFS - Center for Marine Resource Studies

South Caicos, Turks and Caicos Islands,

British West Indies.

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web: http://www.fieldstudies.org


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