[Coral-List] Zoox. DNA isolation

Shini Sunagawa biochemistry at gmx.de
Mon Jun 14 13:34:01 EDT 2004

Hi, everyone!

This is my first posting, hope everything will go fine.
OK, here is my request:
I am going to take tissue samples for my Masters-Thesis later this year and 
I do not want to miss the opportunity to conserve the DNA of the 
zooxanthellae in order to analyze them later on. As yet it is not planned 
to be a part of the thesis. During my first degree in biochemistry, I 
already isolated and worked with DNA, PCR, restriction fragment analysis, 
etc., but it was DNA from E.Coli and there it is easy to use a 
"DNA-extraction-kit". Therefore I am wondering if there are similar ways 
applicable to zoox-DNA, so I am looking for experienced people who can help 
me with this issue.
I know there is literature, but I prefer having direct contact with someone 
to exchange information.

Looking forward to receiving an answer to this request.

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