[Coral-List] Dinner to honor Dr. Siro Kawaguti

Michio Hidaka hidaka at sci.u-ryukyu.ac.jp
Tue Jun 15 03:40:25 EDT 2004

Okinawa Coral Reef Conference: A Dinner Party to honor Dr. Kawaguti's 
pioneer work on corals and zooxanthellae

Dr. Kawaguti was the first to:
1. identify the green fluorescent pigments (GFPs) in corals
2. demonstrate light-enhanced calcification chemically in corals
3. culture zooxanthellae
4. idenfiy zooxanthellae as dinoflagellates
5. examine phototropisms in corals (e.g. larval behavior influencing 
depth distribution of adult corals)
6. many "firsts" in functional morphology using TEM on lots of coral 
reef animals
7. effects of petroleum on corals
8. first to speculate on mass spawning, following description of spawning slick
9. one of first to work on effect of water flow on coral colony morphology
10. one of first (if not the first?) to work on regeneration of corals

We, conveners of theme 1 special session on "Flexibility and 
Specificity in Algal-Invertebrate Symbiosis: Diversity, Stability, 
and Physiological Capacity of Symbiotic Dinoflagellates", would like 
to welcome all who are interested to a dinner party to honor Dr. 
Kawaguti's pioneer work on corals and zooxanthellae.

Time: 18:00-20:00 on 30 June (Wednesday)
Place: Laguna Garden Hotel (2F, Hagoromo-no-ma, west)
Fees: 5,000 Yen (Please pay at the registration on 27 June or at the 
entrance of the room on 30 June)

Dr. Kawaguti is planning to attend this dinner party, though whether 
he actually comes depends on his health condition. Dr. Yamazato, 
chairman of Japanese Coral Reef Society, will introduce Dr. 
Kawaguti's profile. Dr. Fitt will give us talk about Dr. Kawaguti's 
work. The party will provide us opportunity to talk about the 
exciting research potential as depicted in the special session (and 
summarized by convenors Drs. Andrew Baker, Fitt, Hidaka) and in a 
field that Dr. Kawaguti helped develop.

Please contact Dr. Fitt (fitt at sparrow.ecology.uga.edu) if you have 
any pictures, stories or other information on Dr. Kawaguti's career 
and research activities that could be included in this tribute to his 
many contributions to coral reef science.

We would appreciate it much if you could make reservation before 18 
June 2004 by sending mail to Michio Hidaka 
<hidaka at sci.u-ryukyu.ac.jp>.

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