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Tue Jun 15 11:57:22 EDT 2004

Dear Coral-List:

Re: Call for Submissions - Reef Encounter

Reef Encounter is the International Society for Reef Studies' magazine-style
newsletter.  In addition to our main feature articles, we include news on
all aspects of reef science, including meetings, expeditions, book reviews,
and information on student opportunities.  We encourage discussion and
debate on issues concerning reefs or the ISRS, and we welcome letters to the
Editor for our correspondence column (Upwellings). We aim to complement the
Society's journal, Coral Reefs, by publishing brief reviews of recent trends
and developments that bear on reef studies. Please note that Reef Encounter
does not publish original scientific data. We do, however, have a section
reporting on recent publications (Reef Briefs). To have a paper to be
included, please send a copy (reprint or corrected proofs only) to the
Editor. Articles should range between 200 and 2000 words. Except in
exceptional circumstances, text should be sent by email to bprecht at pbsj.com

Reef Encounter has an informal and journalistic style, and while references
are permitted, they should be kept to a minimum. Please number references in
the text using superscript, and list them at the end of the article in the
order in which they are cited, first through the text, and then through the
table and figure legends.  Each reference should have a unique number, and
references should not be combined. Avoid the use of op.cit. or ibid, and use
World List abbreviations. In all other aspects, references should follow the
style prescribed for Coral Reefs. 

We particularly welcome cartoons, artwork and photographs to help us
illustrate the magazine. Images can be sent as hard copy to the Editor.
Electronic images should have a resolution of 350 dpi and must be a size
appropriate for the magazine format. In particular, we cannot enlarge small
electronic images and retain publishable quality. We prefer tiff format
files.  Where images are included in the article, please send legends and/or
captions separately (not in the image file).  Explain all symbols,
abbreviations, shading patterns, etc.  Maps should have a scale and indicate
orientation.  Please use either metric units or imperial with metric units.
Please send with your article a short 'by-line' explaining who you are.
Include your full address and email details which will be published with
your article. We have no regular reprint system, but contributors who are
not already members will receive a free copy of the relevant issue.  Please
consider joining the society if you are not already a member!

We acknowledge contributions by email.  If you do not receive an
acknowledgement within one week of submitting electronic material, please
contact us to verify that it was received.  We reserve the right to edit
text to achieve a consistent style, and to minimize our changes you should
use recent issues as style guides.  We do not usually return articles for
checking unless we consider our editorial changes may have altered your
meaning.  Articles are not formally refereed, and opinions expressed and
errors of fact remain largely the author's responsibility.  No published
item should be taken as ISRS opinion unless indicated.  Please note that
Reef Encounter is an entirely voluntary effort.  We do not have funds to pay
contributors, and the editors are also unpaid. 

We welcome contributions regardless of when they arrive.    If you are
planning a substantial contribution, it will help the Editor plan ahead by
contacting him well in advance of the deadline.  Thank you for your support.

July 2004

Please send correspondence and submissions to one of these addresses:
editors at reefencounter.org 

Editor, William F. Precht, PBS&J, 2001 NW 107th avenue, Miami, FL 33172.
Email: bprecht at pbsj.com

Associate Editor, Martha L. Robbart, PBS&J 2001 NW 107th avenue, Miami, FL
33172. Email: mrobbart at pbsj.com

Associate Editor, Beth Zimmer, PBS&J 2001 NW 107th avenue, Miami, FL 33172.
Email: bzimmer at pbsj.com

Thank you,

William F. Precht

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