[Coral-List] Touring Okinawa during ICRS

Mark Eakin Mark.Eakin at noaa.gov
Wed Jun 16 11:53:05 EDT 2004

To 10th ICRS participants,

Although the ICRS sightseeing tours have been canceled due to lack of 
reservations, we still want to tour Okinawa.

I'm going to try to find a day tour for June 29 or 30 that is similar 
to tour #6 in the ICRS circular. (full day - castle ruin, mangrove, 
Cape Hedo, wildlife center and waterfalls). If you're interested in 
joining me and my 13 year old son, contact me via email or look for the 
message board at ICRS.  I'm willing to chaperon several youth age 12 
and up, but kids younger would need their adult along.

We also may be doing some other touring during the meeting.

If you have any ideas for touring Okinawa, I would appreciate 
suggestions.  Please contact me at june.eakin at mac.com

June Eakin
june.eakin at mac.com
"Love truth, forgive error", Voltaire

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