[Coral-List] Results of 2004 ISRS/TOC Fellowship Program

Peter Edmunds peter.edmunds at csun.edu
Wed Jun 16 12:29:54 EDT 2004

16 June 2004


On behalf of the International Society for Reef Studies and the Ocean 
Conservancy, I am pleased to announce the results of the 2004 
Fellowship competition. This Fellowship is available to students, 
worldwide, who are already admitted to a graduate program at an 
accredited university. The intent of the fellowship is to help Ph.D. 
students develop skills and to address problems related to relevant 
applications of coral reef ecosystem research and management. The 
Fellowship (up to $10,000) can be used to support salary, travel, 
fieldwork, or laboratory analyses. The student can work entirely at 
the host university, or can split time between developed and 
developing country universities.

This year we received 68 applications of the highest quality, which 
is more than we have received in recent years.  Clearly, these 
substantial awards now are beginning to receive the attention they 
deserve, and the process is becoming extremely competitive.  As a 
result, the awardees can consider themselves the recipients of a 
highly prestigious award, which is the intent of ISRS and TOC.

The successful applicants were chosen with a peer review process that 
utilized a panel of nine scientists drawn from the members of the 
ISRS Council.  The process of evaluating applicants was very 
challenging, and some hard decisions had to be made.  At the 
conclusion of the process, we are pleased to announce that awards 
have been made to the following applicants:

Mr. Guy Marion (University of Queensland) "Isotopic Records of Great 
Barrier Reef water quality since pre-European colonization".

Ms. Nicole Price (University of California, Santa Barbara) "Indirect 
effects of differential herbivory on the recruitment of reef-building 

Mr. Fabian Pina Amargos (University of Havana) "Conservation and 
movement of coral reef fish in Jardines de la Reina marine protected 
area, Cuba".

Ms. Alette Yniguez (University of Miami) "Modeling reef macroalgal 
dynamics in the Florida Keys from the bottom up".

We plan to offer a similar Fellowship program in 2005 with an 
announcement planned for late in 2004 and a deadline for applications 
late in January 2005.  The final details will be posted on the ISRS 
website and posted on the Coral Listserver.

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