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Laura Slater lslater at ims.uaf.edu
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Hi Adam,

   I was lookig up the paper that John McManus mentioned and ran across 
another one that may be useful to you:

Dinsdale, E. A. and Harriott, V. J. (2004) Assessing anchor damage on coral 
reefs: a case study in selection of environmental indicators. Environmental 
Management, 33, 126-139.

Good luck,

Laura Slater
Fairbanks, AK
lslater at ims.uaf.edu

> We did some calculations about dragging anchors in: 
> McManus, J.W., Nañola, C.L., and Reyes, R.B. 1997. Effects of some
> destructive fishing methods on coral cover and potential rates of
> recovery. Environmental Management. 21(1): 69-78. 
> You could use a similar speadsheet model approach to other breakage
> scenarios involving the chains. 
> Cheers!
> John
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> toCoral Reefs?
> My name is Adam Saphier and I am working for the Coral Reef Alliance on
> a project that is trying to get dive operators to act more
> environmentally friendly to coral reefs. To make our argument more
> persuasive, I am looking for quantitative data that describes the damage
> caused by dive boats from these sources:
> 1) Anchor Damage - I am looking for documentation of how much reef is
> damaged from an anchor and chain being dropped on top of it; e.g. data
> that might read like: the distribution of coral reef destruction caused
> when a 10 pound galvanized steel anchor with 15 feet of chain is dropped
> on reef is bell shaped with a mean of 2 square meters of reef, with 2
> standard deviations in each direction amounting to 1 square meter and 3
> square meters of damage, respectively.
> 2) Bottom Paint Damage - How much damage does toxic anti-fouling bottom
> paint do to reef? How much damage does biodegradable anti-fouling paint
> do to reef? E.g. data that might read like: standard toxic anti-fouling
> bottom paint erodes from the bottom of a boat into ocean water in 1 year
> and each gallon settles on and destroys an aggregate amount of 1 cubic
> centimeter of reef, while a similar amount of biodegradable paint only
> destroys 1 cubic milimeter of reef.
> Please let me know if you have any pertinent information or if you have
> suggestions of where I might be able to find such data. Thank you for
> your help and feel free to call me at the number below.
> Regards,
> Adam
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