[Coral-List] Is there any research about the growth rate of coral reefs?

x-man bobo.xny at msa.hinet.net
Fri Jun 25 10:26:33 EDT 2004

Hi, this is the first time I send a message, and my English ability is 
not so good that can't explain my problem well, so hope you all be 
patient and can solve my problem.
I am studying of my master's degree and my research scope is economy of 
coral reefs, especially the allocation of conservation fund. these days 
my teacher and I create some optimal control mode of the conservation 
fund, but we still need some researches of the growth rate of coral 
reefs(especially the kind that can create and protect the coast line) . 
If we can get the other people's research result or the growth rate 
model , that we can use it as the subject equation to solve the optimal 
control model and make our research correctly.
Does anyone know where I can get these information or the result?
Best regard

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Terence Lee
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