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Erica Cochrane erica.cochrane at crm.gov.mp
Tue Jun 29 01:01:01 EDT 2004

Dear all,

Please help spread the word about this request for proposals and help us
recruit someone good to the task. As per the published RFP, please contact
Gayle Berger directly with questions and requests for the scope of work.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


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From: Gayle M. Berger [mailto:gberger at vzpacifica.net]
Sent: Thursday, June 24, 2004 9:37 AM
To: Shelly Kramer; Nate Hawley; Laura Williams; Steve Tilley; Rick Mafnas;
Richard Seman; Paul Hamilton; Mike Trianni; Michael Tenorio; Kate Moots; Joe
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Aguon; Brian Bearden; Kathy Yuknavage; Qamar Schuyler
Cc: Bob Florian
Subject: RFP - Managaha


DFW is looking for a consultant to write a management plan for the Managaha
Marine Conservation Area.  The RFP was first published in last Friday's
paper; a copy is attached.  Please pass it on to any prospective proposers
that you may know.  Thank you.

Gayle M. Berger
Natural Resources Planner
Division of Fish and Wildlife
Caller Box 10007, Saipan, MP  96950
ph. 670-664-6025

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