[Coral-List] Unidentified Red Sea fish

jen ashworth jen.ashworth at millport.gla.ac.uk
Mon Mar 1 08:58:08 EST 2004

Dear All,

As part of my doctoral research I have been investigating the fishes of the
mangroves and seagrass in the Nabq Managed Resource Protected Area, South
Sinai, Red Sea.  During January and February 2004 I completed a fyke net
survey of these habitats, identifying, counting and measuring the fish
found.  Collecting of fish was prohibited and so to help identification
digital photos of the fish were taken.

After using several key identification books including Randall's Red Sea
Reef Fishes, Smith's Sea Fishes, Leiske and Myers Coral Reef Fishes and
FishBase, I am still struggling with the identification of several
apogonids, lethrinids, scarids and one acanthurid.  Many of these are
juvenile fish and as such identification has been made more difficult.  I
would be very grateful if any of you could take a look at the photos and
give me your opinion as to what they might be.

I have put the photographs on a webpage so as to avoid sending attachments.
 The clarity of the imagines is not always great so I apologise in advance
for this.  I have listed what I believe to be possible identifications
under each image. I often have several other pictures of the same
individuals so if these will help with identification please ask me to pass
these on.


I have also been trying to get hold of Jack Randall's email address so as
to ask for his help with this matter.  The email address listed on the
staff page of the Hawaii Biological Survey does not appear to be working so
I would be grateful if anyone could pass his address on.

Please address all replies directly to me - jen.ashworth at millport.gla.ac.uk

Thank you in advance for your time.

Best wishes 

Jen Ashworth

Jennifer Ashworth
University Marine Biological Station
Isle of Cumbrae
KA28 0EG

Tel: +44 (0)1475 530581
Website: www.gla.ac.uk/Acad/Marine/index.html

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