[Coral-List] Reef Ball postings

Jim Hendee Jim.Hendee at noaa.gov
Mon Mar 1 14:10:41 EST 2004

   Ladies and Gentlemen,
       I'm afraid I must ask that postings concerning Reef Balls be taken
   offline.   I  would  like  to  quote from the Coral-List overview page

   The  purpose  of  the  Coral-List listserver is to provide a forum for
   Internet  discussions and announcements among coral health researchers
   pertaining  to  coral reef health and monitoring throughout the world.
   The  list  is  primarily  for  use  by  coral  health  researchers and
   scientists.  Currently,  over  2000  researchers are subscribed to the
   list. Appropriate subjects for discussion might include:
     bleaching events
     outbreaks of coral diseases
     high predation on coral reefs
     environmental monitoring sites
     incidences of coral spawnings
     shipwrecks on reefs
     international meetings and symposia
     funding opportunities
     marine sanctuary news
     new coral-related publications
     announcements of college courses in coral reef ecology
     coral research initiatives
     new and historical data availability
     controversial topics in coral reef ecology
     recent reports on coral research

   Messages  with  solicitations  of  a  commercial  or political nature,
   inflamatory  commentary  and  other  messages  not appropriate for the
   coral-list  venue will not be approved for posting; these are messages
   categorized as follows:

   the pursuit of private commercial business activities or profit-making

   - matters directed toward the success or failure of a political party,
   candidate for partisan political office, or partisan political group
   - prohibited direct or indirect lobbying
   -  use  of  Internet  sites that result in an additional charge to the
   - engaging in prohibited discriminatory conduct
   - the obtaining or viewing of sexually explicit material
   -  any  activity  that  would  bring  discredit  on  the Department of
   - any violation of statute or regulation.

        My apologies.  It was me who approved these postings in the first
   place,  but  they  seemed  sort  of  border-line.  However, things are
   drifiting  toward the commercial side, so I would like to ask that any
   queries  concerning  Reef Balls be directed to Todd Barber.  I realize
   that  the  question  of artifical reefs vs. "real" reefs is a possibly
   politically  loaded  one,  so I would like to ask that you try to keep
   the  discussion  centered  around natural corals and the natural coral
   reef ecosystem.
       Sincerely yours,
       Jim Hendee


   1. http://coral.aoml.noaa.gov/mailman/listinfo/coral-list

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