[Coral-List] Reef Balls, etc.

William Allison beliamall at dhivehinet.net.mv
Thu Mar 4 03:51:35 EST 2004

Hi Jim,

Perhaps one more requirement is desirable for postings on this topic: a
statement of connections to commercial interests. That would allow readers
to appropriately discount commercially affiliated messages. You don't ask a
barber if you need a haircut - or perhaps a reef restoration.


William Allison
Rangas, Violet Magu

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On 04/03/02 16:51, "Jim Hendee" <Jim.Hendee at noaa.gov> wrote:

> Friends and colleagues,
>   After getting some very emotional messages to me personally on both
> sides of the Reef Ball question, I'm going to let the dialog continue,
> but with the provisions (please!) listed below.  I realize I'm opening
> up myself to possible censure by NOAA, but I think I'm standing on firm
> ground here.  The reason I'm going to open this is up is because the
> subject is directly pertinent to the question of how best to protect the
> coral reef ecosystem.  In other words, it is apparent that the question
> of "artificial reefs" (AR) and "fish aggregating devices" (FAD) as
> alternatives to destroyed or compromised reefs is a hot topic.  There is
> the question of whether or not nature should just take its (slow) course
> in coming back to where it was before disaster struck a reef, and of
> course there is also the question of whether or not a reef that has been
> devastated by climate change or pollution or
> nutrification/eutrophication is ever going to come back at all (whether
> you use artifical means, or not).  So if anybody has anything to say on
> this issue, let's let it all hang out now and get it over with, so that
> we will hopefully develop a very in-depth thread here and we can refer
> to it in the future via the Professional Exchange modules that NOAA's
> CoRIS (http:///www.coris.noaa.gov) develops for us from the coral-list
> discussions.  I'm hoping that those who are for these structures, and
> those who are against them, or those who just don't know but have
> questions, will let your thoughts known now, then let the subject drop
> and move on to other subjects.
>   So please, let's follow these guidelines:
>   *  No mention of the cost (as in advertising;  however, relative
> costs with respect to alternative means is okay...for now).
>   *  No flaming, e.g., no personal attacks.
>   *  Please stick to the evidence and/or research where possible.
>   *  You may discuss other ARs or FADs as they relate to the topic of
> coral reef remediation (but again, no explicit mention of prices, only
> relative costs)
>   I offer my apologies to those who wished this thread not to go
> forward, but I also offer my thanks to those who gave me good reasons
> for letting it go ahead.  Let 'er rip!
>   Cheers,
>   Jim Hendee
>   Coral-List Admin
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