[Coral-List] Calling Caribbean Reef NGOs

Mark Spalding mark at mdspalding.co.uk
Thu Mar 4 06:46:07 EST 2004

Apologies for cross postings.

I wonder if you all can help? I'm in the final stages of putting together a popular guide to the coral reefs of the Caribbean (coming out with Uni California Press in Sept). The book will have a general introduction to coral reefs, then country-by-country accounts. Lots of pictures. It has a strong conservation ethic, and one thing I'm keen to do is to enable people to link to conservation groups working in the region. There won't be a lot of space, but I have a few pages at the end for a "Listings". In this I'm planning to list as many NGO's and other relevant groups as I can find out about.

I already have quite a list, but if you are, or know of, an NGO, academic or other group working on reefs, and want to be listed, or if you have a list yourself, I'd love to hear from you. The information I'm after is: 
    Name, postal address, tel and web site (only one of each).
    Plus one sentence to one paragraph describing activities.

I will edit the list, and will decide what goes in or doesn't, so don't guarantee inclusion if I hear from you
...and the worst catch of all - I need to hear from you by 15 March!


Thanks very much to anyone who answers!



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