[Coral-List] Coral Tissue Slide Reading Workshop

McCarty and Peters McCarty_and_Peters at compuserve.com
Sat Mar 6 15:45:45 EST 2004

Dr. Esther Peters will offer a Coral Tissue Slide Reading Workshop this
summer at Mote Marine Laboratory's Tropical Research Laboratory (TRL),
Summerland Key, Florida.

One workshop will be held July 19-21.  Students taking the course "Diseases
of Corals and Other Reef Organisms" at the lab July 10-18 will be accepted
first into this session (up to 5 participants).

Others who wish to participate in the workshop at Summerland Key will be
accommodated in the July 19-21 session, or, if there is sufficient
interest, another session might be held at Summerland Key July 22-24.

It is likely a workshop will be held in the Washington, DC, area sometime
in the fall.  Please let Dr. Peters know if you would prefer to attend that

Another option being developed is a course on histotechniques and histology
of Anthozoa, to be held in Hawaii in late August 2004.  This will soon be
announced on these list-serves, so stay tuned.
For the Summerland Key Workshop(s):

Cost will be $460 for professionals and $320 for students (includes
instructor fee and materials).  Rooms will be available at TRL for an
additional $32 per night plus 11.5% taxes ($107.04; arrive Sunday, depart
Wednesday afternoon).  The participant is responsible for paying for all
meals and travel expenses to/from TRL. (Meals could run $20-$30 per day;
taxi from Key West to Summerland Key is approximately $65, although we'll
try to arrange pickup from the Key West Airport; Miami is approximately 140
miles away and you'll have to arrange your own transportation from that
airport to Summerland Key). 
If you would like to reserve a space in one of the 2004 Coral Tissue Slide
Reading Workshops, please copy the following into a new e-mail message,
provide the requested information, and send it to Esther Peters at

        mccarty_and_peters at compuserve.com

Registration fee of $50 (applied to the cost of the workshop) will be due
after you are notified of your acceptance. 
(1) Name: 
(2) Affiliation: 
(3) Address: 
(4) City:
(5) State: 
(6) Country: 
(7) Zip Code or Postal Code: 
Please provide:
(8)  Students - Current field of study and degree in progress:
     Nonstudents - Highest degree attained and subject: 
(9) Research topic or research interests:      
(10) Why do you want to take this workshop? 
Please mark an "X" after the following statements, if the answer is "yes":
(11) I have studied or have experience in coral reef ecology: 
(12) I have taken a course in histology and/or histotechnique: 
(13) I have taken a course in electron microscopy:
(14) I am planning to attend the course "Diseases of Corals and Other Reef
Organisms" July 10-18 at TRL:

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