[Coral-List] sedimentation measures at subtidal rocky shores

Simone Oigman simone.oigman at superig.com.br
Mon Mar 8 21:02:53 EST 2004

Dear coral-listers,

I work on impacts of coastal development caused by  tourist-related
activities as boating, scuba diving, marine and beach debris and land use,
which pose serious threats to the health of the shallow hard bottom
communities (with emphasis in scleractinian coral)

This project monitors physical and biological parameters at 11 sites along
Armação dos Búzios, RJ, Brazil, in order to assess the relationship between
those parameters and the successful development of biota.

I am looking for information of methods to measure sedimentation rates on
benthic organisms. Most of them use sediment traps (PVC cylinders) secured
to permanent stakes above the reef surface. I would like to know if there is
any study about sedimentation measures at subtidal rocky shores or other
technique that could and is easy to be in this type of habitat, since I have
many sample sites and will need to have several replicates.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Simone Siag Oigman-Pszczol
Laboratório de Ecologia Marinha Bêntica
Departamento de Ecologia - IBRAG
Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro - UERJ
PHLC Sala 220, Rua São Francisco Xavier 524, 20559-900, Rio de Janeiro, RJ,
Tel. (+5521) 25877593/7328 (Ext./R 25)  Fax 25877614

email: simone.oigman at superig.com.br

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