[Coral-List] Growth rate of Dendrogyra

Pedro Alcolado alcolado at ama.cu
Tue Mar 9 10:50:02 EST 2004

Dear Coral-listers,
I would appreciate very much  to receive information about vertical growth rate of Dendrogyra cilyndrus (minimum-average-maximum, if possible). There is a huge colony (roughly measured as more than 15 feet in height, according to film-maker divers, one of them estimated it is 18 feet high) on a fore reef at the south east of the entrance of the Bay of Cienfuegos (Faro Luna dive site) in the south central Cuba. We need to estimate very approximately its age range. It was filmed for a scientific-popular video on coral reefs, and it would be interesting to talk about its possible age, to aware people about what would mean the loss of such a colony. Do you know about a Dendrogyra colony taller than this one? Thank you very much.
Best wishes,

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