[Coral-List] CIRCoP - Looking for Talks about Animal Behaviors

Fabrice Poiraud-Lambert fpl at reefkeepers.net
Fri Mar 12 16:18:26 EST 2004

Dear All, 

The Int'l Coral Reef Conferences of Paris (CIRCoP) - early April 2005, organized to increase General Public awareness, is still looking for about 4 talks.

If you are specialized in animal (corals, fish, inverts) behaviors, please apply, and we will invit you in Paris.

If you are interested, check : 

CIRCoP Web site : www.circop.com
Current Talk List here 
Conditions here 

Then just reply this mail adding : 

- A talk title
- A talk content description
- from where you would come (Country + Town + Airport if possible)
- Language you speak (Limited to English & French)

Thanks a lot.

Best Regards
Fabrice Poiraud-Lambert

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