[Coral-List] Vacancy announcement: Oceanographer

Kara Meckley Kara.Meckley at noaa.gov
Tue Mar 16 16:11:04 EST 2004

Position: Oceanographer--Part-time, immediate opening
LOCATION: Camp Springs, Maryland

I.M.Systems Group is seeking an oceanographer to evaluate the Hybrid
Coordinate Ocean Model (HYCOM ) for operational use. HYCOM is being
developed by the Ocean Prediction Center (OPC) of the National Centers
for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) Environmental Modeling Center.

This position will be responsible for improving the oceanographic
observing capabilities of the OPC by bringing a variety of existing
fields such as sea surface temperature into the operational workstation
environment. These fields would be compared to HYCOM output to evaluate
the performance of the model. Coordination with wide ranging elements of
the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) will be

This position is funded under the National Ocean Partnership Program
part time for two years and full time for the following three years.

Requirements: Bachelor of Science degree or higher in Oceanography or
Meteorology (with credits in oceanography). Proficiency in Fortran or
C/C++, Unix scripting, HTML and graphics display programs such as GEMPAK
required.  Interested individuals should email their resume to
imsg at imsg.com with the word "Oceanographer" in the subject line.

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