[Coral-List] Wanted: Halimeda Images

Oliver Gussmann gusol423 at student.otago.ac.nz
Thu Mar 18 20:27:49 EST 2004

Apologies for my 'algal enquiry':

Dear Listers,

As part of my dissertation on Halimeda, and an article in prep. on 
Halimeda, I am looking for images of Halimeda in 'unusual' 
environments (e.g., muddy environments, black sand, mangrove 
roots/ponds, artificial substrates, giant clams, etc), and also 
documenting its role(s) in various environments other than the usual 
sediments (e.g., sheltering organisms, fish spawning etc.), or of 
unusual size/proliferation.

Do you have images of Halimeda that you would be willing to share 
(with proper acknowledgements!)?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.



PS: What about calcareous algae and CO2?

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