[Coral-List] Biology in Asia International Conference, Dec 2004

Loh Tse-Lynn tmslohtl at nus.edu.sg
Fri Mar 19 21:52:29 EST 2004

Message from Darren Yeo, SIBiol.

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It is my pleasure to invite you to participate in Biology in Asia, an
international conference from 7-10 Dec 2004, which marks the 30th
anniversary of The Singapore Institute of Biology (SIBiol) in 2004. The
conference will be held at the National Institute of Education (NIE),
and is
jointly organised by SIBiol, NIE (NTU), and Department of Biological
Sciences (NUS). The conference cover a wide spectrum of topics ranging
biodiversity, ecology, and conservation; to biotechnology; to biology

We are honoured to have as our Conference Keynote Speaker, Dr Jane
(Jane Goodall Institute for Wildlife Research, Education and
who will be speaking on conservation of biodiversity, especially
In addition, plenary sessions feature a line-up of several eminent
biologists from the various biology fields.

For more information and details on registration and abstract
please refer to the following:

Biology in Asia International Conference 2004 website

Latest Conference Announcement

We look forward to welcoming you.

Darren Yeo 
Secretary for the Organising Committee
Biology in Asia International Conference 2004
Singapore Institute of Biology
Conference Secretariat email: dbsbox5 at nus.edu.sg
<mailto:dbsbox5 at nus.edu.sg>

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