[Coral-List] Congratulations to Bob Richmond

Peter J Mumby p.j.mumby at ex.ac.uk
Sun Mar 21 16:56:53 EST 2004

Bob Richmond, a past council member of  the Interntional Society for Reef
Studies, is one of the 20 scientists selected as 2004 Aldo Leopold
Leadership Fellows.

The Aldo Leopold Leadership Program was launched in 1998 with the goal of
improving the flow of accurate, credible scientific information to policy
makers, the media and the public by training outstanding academic
environmental scientists to be better communicators of complex scientific

Aldo Leopold Leadership Fellowships provide scientists with intensive
communications and leadership training to help them communicate scientific
information effectively to non-scientific audiences, especially policy
makers, the media, business leaders and the public.  The Fellows are
selected through a competitive application process. Fellows have outstanding
scientific qualifications, demonstrated leadership ability and a strong
interest in communicating science beyond traditional academic audiences. For
further information visit www.leopoldleadership.org

On behalf of the ISRS, Congratulations Bob!

All the best


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