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Lad lad at reef.org
Wed Mar 24 17:05:12 EST 2004

Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF)
Job Description - Field Operations Coordinator

Organizational Description:  REEF is a 501 c (3) non-profit marine
conservation organization headquartered in Key Largo, Florida with a
scientific branch office in Seattle, Washington.  REEF works with divers,
snorkelers, scientists, researchers, managers and the general public to
educate and enlist volunteers in marine conservation efforts.  REEF's
successful programs include the fish survey project, involving volunteer
observers in collecting data on marine life distribution and populations.
REEF works closely with the National Marine Sanctuaries, National Park
System and international marine park authorities to implement successful
data collection and awareness projects.

Job Title: Field Operations Coordinator, REEF

Supervisor: Executive Director of REEF

Job Overview: The Field Operations Coordinator is responsible for all data
management, Field Survey coordination, and other activities related to fish
surveying for the REEF organization.  This posting is the result of a
vacancy in an existing position.

Description of Duties includes:
Data Management
-	Manage incoming survey data from REEF's volunteer fish survey
project, living REEF invertebrate monitoring project and other REEF related
survey activities
-	Supervise QA/QC of incoming data
-	Communicate as needed with programmers regarding data management
-	Maintain proficiency in nomenclature and identification of fishes
and invertebrates within REEF's survey regions
-	Maintain member database and list serve of experience levels
-	Maintain internal geographic zone codes of survey locations
-	Maintain web-based updates of survey data and member notices

Field Survey Coordination
-	Manage REEF's Field Survey program including organization, pricing,
logistics and promotion
-	Communicate with staff, volunteers, destinations and reservations
regarding logistics and leadership of Field Survey projects
-	Supervise deposit and participation schedules
-	Develop project promotional materials
-	Coordinate with project leaders on logistic information and
-	Maintain web-based updates on project schedules and summaries

Related organizational activities
-	Assist Director of Development in identifying and procuring funding
for survey related projects
-	Organize and conduct various special assessment projects
-	Assist Director of Outreach and Education in media releases and
newsletter briefs relating to survey projects and data
-	Conduct public talks and seminars relating to REEF's programs
-	Participate in regular organizational meetings and functions

Salary range: Commensurate with experience 

Geography:  Job is based in Key Largo, Florida.

To apply:

Send cover letter, resume' and references by March 31 to: 

Lad Akins
Executive Director
P O Box 246
Key Largo  FL  33037
(305) 852-0030

Note: e-mail applications and attachments are preferred.  Please use Word or
Word Perfect formatting and send to Lad at reef.org

For more information on REEF please visit www.reef.org

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