[Coral-List] Measuring growth

Cades83898 at cs.com Cades83898 at cs.com
Sat Mar 27 11:24:01 EST 2004

    I am doing research on accelerated coral growth for aquaculture at the 
University of Maine. I'm looking for some accurate but simple methods to measure 
the growth of Acropora and Stylophora nubbins. I am considering mounting them 
on tiles and measuring vertical growth with digital calipers. We don't have a 
scale we can alter for the buoyant weight technique. This is for a master's 
thesis so, it has to be a fairly sound method. Growth period is expected to 
last for 2 months so, I expect there to be fairly significant growth. 
Craig Zievis  
Cades83898 at cs.com

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