[Coral-List] Sea & Learn on Saba

John Ware jware at erols.com
Wed Nov 3 09:27:03 EST 2004

Dear List:

I recently returned from the island of Saba in the Netherlands Antilles
where I participated as an 'expert' on coral reefs and global climate
change (no snickering out there please) as part of a program called "Sea
& Learn".  Sea & Learn was put together by Lynn Costenaro and John Magor
who own Sea Saba.  They bring in experts from all over who give nightly
talks on topics ranging from cactus to birds to reptiles to plants to
caves and so on.  The audiences consist of tourists visiting the island
and many locals.  More info at


In addition to inviting me to come and talk, they were able to provide
lodging and diving free, most meals, and even airfare for myself and a
companion (my wife).  Now they cannot promise all this every year, but
they are working very hard to continue what they have started.

I remarked that it would have been interesting to have someone who knew
about the geology of Saba and the Caribbean in general plus something of
the biogeography of the area.

So, as a good manger should, Lynn asked me if I could find someone.

Any one interested??

You can contact Lynn directly through:


And please send me a copy of your response.

Thanks in advance.

John Ware
Treasurer ISRS

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