[Coral-List] surface area software

Dean Jacobson atolldino at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 3 23:18:05 EST 2004

Hi all,

I am searching for a simple computer program that
calculates surface area (as pixels) of irregular flat
shapes (i.e. tabular coral colonies). I have already
created a colony outline map, and plan to color-fill
those colonies that are dead, alive, etc., on
different Photoshop layers for easy analysis.  

I have already sent this query to selected
researchers, but alas have not yet recieved any

I am about to repeat the photographic reef mapping
(over a 25x130m area) I did 12 months ago, in order to
measure (in tabulate colonies, in cm2) coral growth
vs. coral death via disease.  I will also calculate
area affected by disease on a monthly basis, since I
have weekly data.

BTW, Last week I had the good fortune to swim with a
whale shark during a reef survey dive on Majuro atoll.
 Good thing I brought the camera!


Dean Jacobson, Ph.D.
College of the Marshall Islands

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