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Thanks for letting us know about this  -- but --


The coral may fire more stinging cells into a tongue than a wrist, and
the impact will likely be much greater because of the sensitivity of the
tongue. The consequences could be severe! There is at least one fungiid
coral* that can kill and eat small fish -- so the toxins can be
dangerously strong. With hundreds of similar-looking species out there,
it would be easy to make tragic errors. 

*Heliofungia actiniformis

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While on a recent trip to Australia, I ran into a diver who licked
for their unusual effect.  She said that "green" corals were the best,
that she first tested them to assure there was no severe effect by
her finger, then her wrist, to the coral.  While it is moot whether this
more harmful to the coral or person doing the licking (I did not try
myself), I am curious how widespread this is...  

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