[Coral-List] Announcement: Reef Check Volunteer Expedition to Myanmar (Burma) in February/March 2005

Georg Heiss georg.heiss at reefcheck.de
Fri Nov 5 08:56:34 EST 2004

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Dear friends of Reef Check,

please find enclosed the announcement for our next trip to Burma. 
Feel free to print a copy and put it on your announcement board, and 
forward to anybody who might be interested.

Best regards,
Reef Check Europe

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Reef Check Volunteer Expedition
to Myanmar (Burma) in February/March 2005

In 2005 Europe Conservation Switzerland will have a Reef 
Check-Expedition to the Mergui-Archipelago. We will sail on 
Marinasia's Catamaran SeaNomad to the islands offshore Southern 
Myanmar and survey the reefs, snorkel from golden beaches, and anchor 
in tranquil bays. We will visit remote fishing villages and cities in 

Programme: Departure: February 21, Ranong (Thailand)
Return: March 6, 2005, Ranong (Thailand)

The programme of the trip is to sail from Ranong (Thailand) to the 
North. Weather permitting, we will reach Mergui City. The main goal 
of the expedition is to try to survey as many coral reefs as we can 
on the way, according to the Reef Check methods (for details see 
http://www.reefcheck.org). In the first two days we will have a short 
training session in these methods, later we will carry out the actual 
surveys. We will also have the chance to visit islands, coastal 
settlements and cities in Myanmar. Besides the surveys, we will also 
have fun dives. There is no preset daily schedule; we will make plans 
on the way, as many things are unforeseeable. We intend to make two 
dives per day, some days more, some days less. We assure you that all 
this will be great fun, and even the Reef Check "work" dives are 
If time allows, we will enter data collected during the surveys and 
make preliminary analysis of the results during the cruise.
The Andaman Sea is a great place for underwater photography, 
particularly for close ups. There will be enough time for pleasure 

Contributions: Total: 2000 Euro for 14 days/13 nights

Included in the contributions:
o	Transfer to and from the boat
o	Stay on boat
o	Food, drinks (non-alcoholic beverages)
o	Taxes to Myanmar authorities
o	Reef Check training and materials
o	Dive tanks, compressor rental, filling of tanks

Not included:
o	Personal diving equipment.
o	Travel to Thailand.
o	Travel from Bangkok or Phuket to Ranong.
o	Hotel
o	Visa fee (Myanmar) for participants; 20 US$ + 5$ handling.

If you are interested to join this exciting trip, please respond soon 
by e-mail to mailto:2005 at reefcheck.de. Space is limited, we will 
accept volunteers on a "first come, first serve" basis. 

Find more information about this trip and previous Reef Check 
expeditions to the Mergui Archipelago in 2001, 2003 and 2004 on 
http://www.reefcheck.de/en and http://marinasia.com


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